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  This website contains the Internet portion of my ministry in the worship to God. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I serve the God of Abraham.

 The website contains information about our physical environment and social environment. If you enjoy general science, physics - especially quantum physics, biology, sociology, semiconductor theory and statistical mathematics, then I hope you actually have fun here as well. Astrobiology and xenobiology ties are proven with new photos of the Solar System - especially Pluto.

 If you discover you have learned something, I ask you to consider a voluntary financial donation to honor this ministry. More entries will be posted in the near future, and the more time I have to write, the sooner the data can appear, and shall be more complete. 

 Joe Brown August 2006 

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You must see the videos 'Millennial Physics - 2017 Edition' and 'The Advent of Cells'.

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